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  September 2024 - February 2025                      $2500                        Kathelon Toliver                  Download Brochure 

Take Your Career to the Next Level with our Leadership Development Program

About the Program

This certificate program builds the capacity of human services organizational leaders to more effectively address the needs of vulnerable and marginalized people by incorporating the six principles of the Howard University School of Social Work Black Perspective: affirmation, strengths, diversity, vivification, social justice, and internationalization.

The program will include a combination of classroom learning and a project-oriented experience. Projects will apply learning by addressing real-world challenges, informed by both consumers and leaders, and include expert coaching and support.

Learn, Collaborate and Shape Your Own Experience

Participants can expect opportunities to apply learning, engage in challenging and fruitful collaborations, and to personally drive their own learning with the support of expert faculty and coaches.

About Fred Taylor

When Fred Taylor felt a call to community activism in 1967, he began volunteering with the newly formed For Love of Children (FLOC). Just one year later, Fred was chosen to be FLOC’s first Executive Director, where he remained for the next 37 years. During his time with FLOC, Fred successfully shut down Junior Village, an orphanage that was exposed for harboring the abuse of thousands of children in the early 1960s and early 70s. 

He led the effort to redefine how D.C. met the needs of its homeless and dependent children and changed the whole system of care, convincing the government that children could be helped to remain with their families or foster care instead of orphanages like Junior Village.

The Howard School of Social Work is proud to offer the Fred Taylor, Roll Away the Stone, Leadership Program to carry on his legacy through his family's generous endowment.


"For me, under the black perspective, affirmation, verification, diversity is where I felt like I was able to really see ME throughout this project. And it has allowed me in my professional setting to look at things under a different set of lenses. I think some areas of my mission and vision here at work has become more intentional in terms of how it relates back to the community that I serve."

- V. Hunt, Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee (MD)

Classroom Overview

In part one of this program participants can expect to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding regarding the core concepts of leadership effectiveness, all applied to being a human service/non-profit leader. Participants will experience guest lecturers and the opportunity to complete a 360-degree leadership effectiveness assessment to inform their own leadership development planning. Through expert-led sessions, participants will explore a range of leadership topics pertinent to leading in today’s organization, including:

  • Conscious Leadership 2.0: Leading Beyond Bias
  • Leadership Styles and Assessments
  • The Culture of Power and Influence
  • Systems Thinking and Disruptive Leadership
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Leadership Resilience: Managing the Emotional Journey
  • The Authentic Servant Leader

Applied Learning Overview

Building on the core learning of leadership concepts from part one, participants’ second semester will provide real-life “learning laboratories” in which to apply their learning. In small groups, participants will work collaboratively to examine a present-day social service challenge, identify solutions using their newfound learning, and present a white paper to their colleagues.  These learning labs, mirroring what it is like to lead in today’s organizations, will feature tools as well as group coaching to spark the application of learning.

Self-Select Micro Learning Labs

Throughout the second semester, participants will also self-select two micro-learning laboratories to attend as electives while also having the opportunity to listen to guest speakers from the social work community. Examples of the micro-learning sessions are below:

• Social And Racial Justice Marketing: Brand Management And Social Media

• Leadership Service And Excellence For Remote Teams: Examining Culture, Methods, And Outcomes

 Financial Excellence In Nonprofit Leadership: Culture, Resources, And Sound Decision Making

• Business Analytics: Using Data To Create Your Legacy

• Intrapreneurship And Authenticity: Creating Meaning And Purpose From Within

• Planning And Implementing Your Vision

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the start date for this program

What is the start date for this program?

We will have an orientation/kick-off session September 2024. Our virtual classroom sessions will commence weekly from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. and run through February 2025 (will account for holidays). The sessions may include virtual group learning, speaker sessions, and special events.

What is the price for this program?

What is the price for this program?

The cost of this program is $2,500, which includes full access to all workshops, panel discussions, and course content. Participants will receive up to 90 CEU’s.

Can you tell me about the group learning portion of the program?

Can you tell me about the group learning portion of the program?

Participants will take part in real-life “learning laboratories.” In their groups, participants will collaborate to examine present-day service challenges, identify solutions, and ultimately, share their best thinking with their colleagues via a presentation and/or work paper

How often will we meet during the program?

How often will we meet during the program?

Virtual classroom sessions will take place on a weekly basis. Dates and times are being finalized. The schedule for virtual group learning and other activities occurring in 2024 and 2025 will be finalized. 

What kind of commitment is expected from each participant?

What kind of commitment is expected from each participant?

Participants will be expected to participate in each session, collaborate with their peers during group learning sessions, and complete all assignments. 

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